WHITETAIL up to 200" for $5500!

Package includes 3 nights lodging, delicious home cooked meals, license, preperation of meat for processor and guide fees.  50% non-refundable Deposit of $2750.00 required.

Beautiful bucks up to 200"!  Bucks range from 150's all the way to 200.  "You like it, you shoot it". Also Include:  Heated Shooting Houses, filming of your hunt, hunting license and your meat prepared for processor and taxidermist Any shot that injures or draws blood is considered a kill.  Our guides will do everything they can to retrieve your trophy.  If you do not shoot a trophy, only lodging at $125/day and guides fees at $100/day, will be due upon departure.

RIFLE, ARCHERY & MUZZLE LOADER (4 nights, 3 day hunt, Licenses included)




FREE RANGE WHITETAIL   (Licenses not included)
RIFLE (RUT HUNT) *Nov 9th-24th      
$1,995  4 Day Hunt  (5 nights, 4 day hunt)
$1,595  3 Day Hunt  (4 nights, 3 day hunt)

ARCHERY *Sept. 7th-Jan. 19th, (5 nights, 4 day hunt) *Crossbow Permitted from 10/1-10/20, 11/9-12/31/13 
$1,500  Sept. 7th - Oct. 20th ,  Nov. 25th - Jan. 19th
$1,700  Oct. 21st - Nov. 8th, (Pre-Rut)
$1,000  Economy Hunt (5 nights, 4 day hunt, Only bunk house lodging Provided)

$1,250.  *Oct. 19 - 20  (3 nights, 2 Day Hunt)
$1,600   *Dec. 7 - 15  (5 nights, 4 Day Hunt)

$1,850  *Oct. 17th - 20th  (5 nights, 4 Day Hunt)

SPIKE TENT HUNT  (License not included)
We provide the spike tents, hunting property, stands & feeders.  You do the cooking and hunting, 6-8 hunters recommended (min. of 4 hunters required),

4 Days & 5 Nights
$1,000.00 per hunter for all seasons except rifle season. 
Rifle Season-$1,300.00 per hunter

YOUTH HUNT  (License not included)
$1000     Deer: Oct. 12th-13th and Dec. 28th-29th

Additional days and nights are availale.  Call for pricing.