2015 WHITETAIL up to 200" for $5500!

2015 package includes 3 days/nights lodging, delicious home cooked meals, license, skinning, caping, quartering of meat for processor and guide fees.  50% non-refundable Deposit of $2750.00 required for reservation..no hidden fees!

Beautiful bucks up to 200"!  Bucks range from 150's all the way to 200".  "YOU LIKE IT, YOU SHOOT IT!" $5500!  UP TO $2500 SAVINGS OR MORE!  (There are bucks in each class up to 200" at least!)  Let's get ready to hunt!

Bucks up to 150" $3500!

Weapon of your choice.  Also Includes:  Personal Guide, ATV transportation, Heated ShootingHouses, filming of your hunt upon request, hunting license and your meat prepared for processor and taxidermist Any shot that injures or draws blood is considered a kill.  Our guides will do everything they can to retrieve your trophy.  If you do not shoot a  buck, you do not owe the balance of your hunt.

Pricing for trophy bucks over 200", call for pricing.




FREE RANGE WHITETAIL 2015    (License, tags not included)
RIFLE (RUT HUNT) *Nov 14th-29th      
$1,995  4 Day Hunt  (4 night, 4 day hunt)
$1,595  3 Day Hunt  (3 night, 3 day hunt)

ARCHERY *Sept. 5th-Jan. 18th, ( 3 night, 3 day hunt) *Crossbow Permitted from 10/1-10/18, 11/14-12/31/15  
$1,300  Sept. 5th - Oct. 9th ,  Nov. 29th - Jan. 18th
$1,500  Oct. 10th - Nov. 13th, (Pre-Rut)

$1,200.  *Oct. 17th - 18th  (2 night, 2 Day Hunt)
$1,600   *Dec. 12th - 20th  (3 night, 3 Day Hunt)

$1,800  *Oct. 15th - 18th  (4 nights, 4 Day Hunt)

YOUTH HUNT  (License not included)
$1000     Deer: Oct. 10th-11th and Dec. 26th-27th (buck or doe)

Additional days and nights are availale.  Call for pricing.